Thursday, 22 February 2018

#CarnLIVal ; Why We Do It, And How It Helps

When we originally started planning events for people in Liverpool, I have to be honest, it was completely an opportunity to get drunk and have a gossip session. I didn't know that many people in Liverpool and I was totally going out on a limb, I didn't even know whether people would come or not; but when they did, and I saw the willingness to get together, spend time with other bloggers, donate to charity and generally just support each other - I was totally hooked. I wanted to plan more, I wanted to do more to help those around me.

*Post written in collaboration with Slater and Gordon, however all views, opinions, words and, sadly, sister stories are my own.*

So we did. We started planning more and more events, we tailored them to support causes and charities around where we lived. We donated to homeless shelters, women's shelters, addiction support groups, donated sanitary products to youth groups and schools that needed them. We became the pioneers of events that pushed people to give more and support people - and it worked. People came, had a good time, took part in some games and - through all this - we got a lot of money together in order to support the people that needed support, that deserved support.

Now, it's a tradition. We all get together in a bar, drink gin, do a raffle, get festive, easter-ey or summer-ey, we eat good food, do raffles, chat; donate food, sanitary products, warm clothes. It's just a little thing that we do, something that stemmed from us being super selfish - but turned into something great, and really selfless at the hands of everyone that comes. When Slater & Gordon Lawyers started their #mycommunityandme campaign, I knew this was something I wanted to talk about.

The campaign is essentially about the importance of pride in your community - and I've never been prouder as when I see all of those local bloggers turn up willing to help those in need. It's nothing big like community centres do, or charities, but it's something little that we arrange, that we do because we care about the local causes that we're supporting - we all do it because we're proud of the community that we're in, and want to do as much as possible to support people within it.

I'd love to know about pride shown in your community, or if you've been to any great events that support the people around you.

Sammy xo.

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