Sunday, 8 July 2018

24 Hours In Birmingham

A lot less exotic than the places I usually travel? Probably. Twenty times hotter than most of the places that I usually travel? Definitely. Some of you may know that I had the chance to visit Birmingham for a blog event with World Duty Free this week (I say this week, I actually mean today because you are getting this written on my laptop with one hour of free wifi in the station. It's about 12,000 degrees, so if I don't make it home tell my family that I love them). Save the Clothes Show and a fleeting trip to a spa in Sutton Coalfields, I've never actually been to Birmingham before and so I was really excited to get there, meet Kirsty, get some food and see what the city is all about. Here's how THAT 24 hours went.

11:20am: Leave the house for a coach from Liverpool. The journey to the coach station takes approximately 20 minutes, my coach is at 11:35am

11:32am: Miraculously make it thanks to a tunnel fast tag, not much traffic and managing to hit green lights all the way across The Strand, which we all know is basically unheard of. Luck is definitely on my side, to the extent I feel that like girl in Deadpool 2. I got this shit.

11:35am: Get on a heavily air conditioned coach and decide to travel as much as possible via MegaBus whilst the weather is this hot. Potentially just around the country without really getting off.

11:37am: Original route is closed, so go a different route on the coach, straight past my house where I have just rushed from.

12:15pm: Well this coach is taking a while, isn't it?

12:45pm: Probably won't get as many coaches as planned this Summer as it turns out I fucking hate coaches.

1:21pm: This is fucking boring.

1:50pm: Text Kirsty as coach is very clearly not on time. Where am I? Not sure. How far away am I? Too far.

2:22pm: Finally make it to Birmingham, step off the coach with no fucking clue about where to head to. 

2:28pm: Text Kirsty confirming I have no fucking clue about where to head to

2:31pm: Okay, so Kirsty says it's a straight road, I've got this. It's so hot though isn't it? Liverpool seems like an icebox compared to this place.

2:35pm: Follow the straight road until I get lost. How can you get lost on a straight road, you might ask? I have absolutely no idea, but here we are, by a Rag Market, considering sitting down on the floor as the heat is too much.

2:38pm: Drop pin location to Kirsty so she can direct me. Follow the instructions, get lost again and after walking up the same street no less than four times, FINALLY find Birmingham New Street to meet a waiting Kirsty

2:45pm: Is anyone else this hot? Maybe I shouldn't have worn jeans.

2:46pm: Finally meet Kirsty and decide to head to food. Why is the station not air conditioned? WHY DID I WEAR JEANS?

3:00pm: Make it to Nando's. Eat Nando's, gossip, take in the cracking air conditioning that they have going, both drink soft drinks with entirely too much ice in.

3:40pm: Finally concede we may have to leave Nando's and head out to take photos for various campaigns. Melted chocolate was not a good choice for today. Head to Primark and Superdrug and then, having sweat every single ounce of makeup on my face off, head back to the train to go to the airport.

4:40pm: Get the train (crowded but at least cold), then the Tram from the station to the airport (hahahaha help, a glass box of HEAT), check into the hotel, throw shit on bed, complain about how hot it is for a solid hour, and how much we need to get ready anyway, without actually doing anything. Switch the aircon up as high as possible, crack open a cold (lukewarm) one with the lads (Kirsty).

7:00pm: Finally ready, go and meet the others to get temporary passes for the airport. Leave your much needed ID in the hotel room and, knowing you have six bags up there, take Kirsty to help dig it out. Look very, very strange coming back downstairs less than 2 minutes later because it was right in the middle of the duvet.

7:05pm: Head to the airport (completely different post on that soon).

10:10pm: Get kicked out of Frankie and Benny's as it's closing, head back to the hotel, all glance adoringly at new purchases and goodies and then opt to head down to the bar with Kirsty and Kirstie to get drinks.

11:05pm: Prosecco is a no go after a wild goose chase of a conversation, so get spirits and mixers, drink, invite new friends to Liverpool, see Kirstie nearly fall out of a rocking chair, opt to head to bed.

12:05am: Take far too many selfies in hotel mirror, lock self out of room and have to get a new key card, take a shower with an all in one product, knowing my hairdresser would kill me if she knew.

1:30am: Bizarre game of Tetris that includes stacking new products in makeup bags and folding down boxes to take them home, manage to fit at least most things in a bag.

2:20am: Finally head to bed.

9:00am: Assure Kirsty you are up and will be heading to breakfast with them. Promptly fall back asleep, opt out of breakfast and rush through a makeup routine - finish the game of Tetris much to Kirsty's amusement and bewilderment, manage to cram everything you brought, bought and were gifted into nothing but a Kanken backpack and a very, very non-stretchy Michael Kors bag. Pray you have to get nothing out on the way home because if you do, you're fucked.

10:30am: Head back to station, wait for train, head back into Birmingham. Hot isn't it? STILL WEARING JEANS as they wouldn't fit in my bag and I wasn't willing to leave anything else behind. It looks like the chocolate in my bag is going to melt very, very soon.

11:05am:- Return something to primark, head to take photos.

12:11pm: Buy Starbucks, sit in Starbucks with cracking air conditioning. Discuss all the things we should do with the day then all decide the bags are far too heavy, and we're just going to head to our respective stations.

1:15pm: Can't find a Magnum anywhere so head back to the coach station, write this blog post, sweat profusely but feel grateful you don't have to hold those fucking bags for a while.

2:54pm: Only an hour to go....

So now you're up to speed with how Birmingham went. It was wild, so fun and I have so much more to write about, but now excuse me whilst I sweat profusely in my jeans and boots and wait the next hour for my coach. English heatwaves are really no joke.

If you've been to Birmingham please hit me up with more things to do when I go back and it's hopefully cooler and I have more time to play around.

Sammy xo.


  1. I am dying to do a Birmingham day/overnight, hopefully it will be a little less hot though! Sounds like you had a good one, it's always nice to just hang out with other bloggers.

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