Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Tavern Co Liverpool Review - The Student's Favourite

For someone who spends a huge majority of my life in Liverpool, I never really branch out from Liverpool One. The main thing is, of course, that I'm lazy (as we all know) but, beyond this, I never really know where's worth heading towards and so I never just wander out to see. However, my brother works outside the city centre and so when I met him for lunch, I got the chance to try this little gem just by Penny Lane - The Tavern Co. is a student favourite and it's really easy to see why, plus word on the street is that their breakfast is amongst the best in Liverpool. Without further ado, I'm about to take you on a virtual tour of Wonderland (which also happens to sell boss food).

From the outside, The Tavern Co. seems wholly underwhelming, it's bright and airy, sure, but just wandering past it could really, really easily just be mistaken for another chain pub. It looks small, and nearly always full - but don't let this put you off. Head inside to find an entire museum of items you never knew you were interested in - neon lights, old comic books, nurses outfits, phones, one armed bandits and old newspapers line the walls, so head to book yourself in (especially around mealtimes, you're probably not going to get a table straight away, but it's 100% worth the wait), go and take a nosy around and wait for your name to be called. Don't be surprised when, when your name is called, you'll probably be lead through a maze of doorways and stairs to lead you to more seats that you likely didn't even know existed had you never been before.

When you sit down though, the experience is far from over - whilst you look over the menus, feel free to ask each other questions from the vintage Trivial Pursuit cards that are on each table, and wait for tea and coffee to be brought around and served diner style from glass jugs. Pick from all day round breakfast foods with a twist, or grab yourself a burger - all of the food looked amazing when it came out, though I personally opted for French Toast With Bacon. The food is fantastic, obviously, I'm sure my tone for the beginning of this post clarify just how positively I feel about The Tavern, but the one thing that I would say is don't over-order - it's easy to do as so many things on the menu sound amazing, but I couldn't even finish my own meal, and seeing people order full breakfasts with sides of pancakes almost made me feel queasy at the sheer amount of food piled onto the table.

The french toast is amazing, the bread is the size of a mattress and it errs on the side of savoury rather than sweet (which I'm okay with, sometimes that icing sugar taste really hurts my back teeth) but it does come with syrup on the side for those of you with a much sweeter tooth than myself. The bacon is American style bacon, so it's that greasy, streaky type of deal - again this is something I'm totally okay with, but I know this can be an issue for some people so it's definitely worth knowing. All the food we had was amazing and even now, knowing how full I was then, I still really wish I'd gotten a cake to see what those offerings were like.

The atmosphere, food and the location of The Tavern Co. make it something really special, and it's fair to say that it's reputation amongst students and nearby workers alike is really, really deserved. Plus, and I saved the best point until last here, the food is so cheap and so big that it's the kind of restaurant you need when it's two weeks before student loan and you need to get as much food as humanly possible with your money.

If you've tried The Tavern Co. I'd love to know what you'd recommend, so definitely leave any recommendations down below.

Sammy xo.

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