Sunday, 27 October 2019

Frost Burgers Vegan Burger Review

I’m all for doing what you can for the environment where you can, and cutting down on meat products is a huge part of that. Luckily, in Liverpool, more and more meatless options are springing up for us to try, and Frost Burgers is just one of those options that’s quickly becoming a cult favourite. When you really want fast food, but don’t want the meat? Frost is definitely a good go to, with it’s reasonable pricing, plentiful options and food that definitely doesn’t leave you wanting. It’s instagram aesthetic makes you feel like you’re somewhere really up and coming and that’s because, there’s no doubt about it, you definitely are; it might be just a burger joint in Liverpool now, but I have no doubt it’s about to grow into something much bigger, very very fast. 

There’s only a few tables in Frost’s cosy and welcoming restaurant, but if you can take the time to hang around it’s definitely worth it. It’s a very easy order at the till and wait for your food type of deal, and there’s more options than you might imagine. We went for the Bacon Free Burger (£6.95, plus £3.00 to make it a meal) and the G Mayo Chicken (£4.95, plus £3.00 to make it a meal), with the meal add on to add chips, a sauce (both mayo) and a drink each. The G chicken mayo was my choice and, though it’s a lot less like meat than the Cheezburger I’ve had in the past, it’s definitely not a bad option at all. It has a juicy patty, lettuce, cheese and mayo (all vegan) and it’s absolutely belter. Josh opted for the much-more-like-meat option of the Bacon Free Burger and, though it would never be my personal choice, said it would very hard to distinguish it from a similar meat option. 

My standouts though are definitely the chips and the mayo, the mayo is genuinely better than it’s non-vegan counterpart, with an almost sour undertone that definitely adds to the taste. The chips? A skin on, heavily salted choice that rivals 5 Guys any day of the week. I will say that the cola isn’t my personal favourite choice, but there are a ton more drinks options (including shakes) so it’s definitely not a deciding factor in going back or not. Not a burger person? There’s Frost nuggets on the menu, as well as a whole array of desserts including frosty cones, donuts and cookies. The price is, admittedly, slightly higher than the fast food options that I’m typically used to but I will say that it’s worth every extra penny, the food is delicious and fresh, the options are great and you’re doing your bit to help the environment, which is definitely not something to turn your nose up at.

Photos by @joshparkersnaps

Would I recommend Frost Burgers? Any day of the week (as would Josh). It’s great for a quick bite to eat, the food is made fresh and the options are plentiful; the queues for the tables during busy hours are definitely justified, and it’s definitely worth hanging round to get one where you can. Plus, the aesthetic is perfect for instagram photos if you’re waiting for an extra ten minutes. It’s easy to see why Frost has become such a popular choice in Liverpool, and I can see that they’ll be expanding elsewhere any time soon; so definitely get a visit in if you have the chance! 

Where are your favourite places to eat in Liverpool? Have you been to Frost Burgers yet?

Sammy xo. 

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