Monday, 4 November 2019

Cowfish Smokehouse At Woodside Ferry Village Review

Living on The Wirral comes with its perks - the biggest perk is, honestly, how close to Liverpool and Chester we are, both of which are fantastic for food. When it comes to food on our doorstep though? The options can be a bit lacking, that was - until Woodside Ferry Village came along. Before we even get to the food, I need to say that the Ferry Village is using the hashtag #foodwithaview and it's definitely not hard to see why. Me and Josh walk past the building most nights, and with it's amazing view of Liverpool's skyline and you being in the building of the iconic ferry across the Mersey, it's not hard to see why Josh always says it's the spot he'd pick if he was showing someone Liverpool and they'd never seen it before. But, location isn't everything when it comes to a restaurant, and so let's get to the bit you actually want to hear about; the food. By the way; typically, after specifically picking a place with multiple vendors to ensure everyone got something they wanted without compromise, we all ended up eating at Cowfish Smokehouse anyway, which honestly, is very on brand for this friendship group.

We sat upstairs with a beautiful view of the Liverpool skyline, it was fairly busy for a Friday night, but definitely not packed, and upstairs seemed the logical place to sit as the only vendor up there is The Tipsy Duck bar, which gave us time to chat and get drinks before knuckling down and deciding what we wanted. Ruby opted for a mocktail which they were trialling for launch the day after and so they didn't charge her, and a lager top and a pint of Diet Coke came to £7.30 - not cheap for our area, but pretty fair for restaurant pricing. After a brief catch up and some photographs, we head downstairs to check the vendors out and though there are some great vendors there at the moment (Sukothai, The Refreshment Rooms, Caffe Cream, and Slow Low and Dough) we all opted for Cowfish Smokehouse.

The Notorious P.I.G

I'm entirely sure Ruby opted for the Notorious P.I.G (£8) purely for the name, but this is a Bratwurst in a New York Roll topped with 8 hour oak smoked pulled pork, texan slaw, onions and BBQ sauce, which she swapped out for mustard. Ruby said this was amazing, and the general consensus between those who had the slaw (aka. not me) was that this was a real big highlight. There was a lot to eat here and it was really messy, but I have to admit that it looked incredible. Mine was definitely the most manageable meal of the night which was The Peggy Sue (£9), a red seeded beetroot brioche bun, Southern Fried Chicken and Halloumi, slaw, tomato, lettuce and mayo. I have a real thing about soggy vegetables and so opted to leave the salad and the slaw off, which was absolutely no problem, and this was great tasting, though definitely not the most exciting meal of the night. The red brioche bun definitely looked cool in photos, but if I'd have eaten it in the dark I definitely wouldn't have identified it as beetroot, so if you're not a big fan, don't let that put you off, and the chicken was moist inside and crispy outside, with that bite of salty halloumi really adding to the flavour overall.

The Peggy Sue (front) and The Pitmaster (back)

Josh went for the Pitmaster (£9.50) which was a seeded black charcoal bun, an Oak Smoked Aberdeen Angus burger, slaw, lettuce, tomato, 12 hour smoked brisket, smoked bacon and melted cheddar, aka. a lot of food on one plate. For me, the brisket on this burger was the highlight of the entire meal, it melt in your mouth, it's taste was smokey without being overwhelming, and though everything we had was fantastic, it was just definitely the unexpected star of the show. The burger itself was tender and fell apart, and the bacon was fantastic, but did get lost underneath the brisket a little for me, personally. We also got two baskets of cheesy fries (£4 or £2.50 when added to a meal) which were great, though eat them fast or that cheese sauce does get a bit claggy. Realistically, we ordered way, way too much food, and we did manage to finish nearly all of it, but it's worth knowing that the portions are definitely big enough to share, especially the sides.

Inside The Pitmaster

We wanted to go back for the weirdest offering on the menu, the Willy Wonka Rainbow Bagel (£9) which consists of an Aberdeen Angus patty, melted cheddar, popping candy, marshmallow, a mini Wonka bar and a candy cane skewer on a rainbow bagel purely because it sounded appalling and I knew I'd probably like it, but despite opening hours saying vendors serve until 9pm, the stall did tell us they stopped serving at 8:30 and so do bear in mind that some vendors might close earlier, and take that into account when you're looking to go, especially if there's one vendor in particular you really want to eat at. Overall though? The food is well priced, and beyond good quality, the view is worth it alone and it's definitely nice to have something better than a McDonalds right on our doorstep.

The view (photo by @joshparkersnaps)

If you've been to any of the vendors let me know if the food was good, I'm planning another trip and so I'm definitely looking at what to hit next.

Sammy xo.

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