Friday, 8 November 2019

Liverpool River Of Light

Liverpool is beautiful at all times, I will maintain this point until I die, but this week I found the time to go with Josh (all photos in this post by him by the way, because he's a legend) to the River Of Light Festival, and it gave the city a whole new edge. The River of Light is essentially a collection of artwork based on, you guessed it, lights all around the city that you can visit, play in and interact with - these are predominantly placed across the docks, but there's some further into the city, too. It's freezing, especially being so close to the River, but it's also good work, you'll see some beautiful artwork and it's definitely worth seeing Liverpool in a whole new light (pun intended).


Run Beyond

I'm fairly sure that Josh and I managed to see all of the installations on offer, but the one we started at was one that we could actually see on our side of the water, Spiders. From our side of the water we can see the lights on the Cunard building, but they just look like cubes flashing, so I was really intrigued to see that when you get closer these are actually each individual spiders running across the windows of the building to music. This was one of my favourite installations of the whole day, and though we didn't stay for the light show on the Liver Buildings (Flight) because we'd seen it from Woodside Food Village the week earlier, you can hit both in one go on some of the most iconic buildings that Liverpool has to offer.

There were also some beautiful spots to take pictures; between the giant rabbits of Intrude in Exchange flags, or in some of Josh's favourite spaces of the whole night; Whole Hole, a continuous moving tunnel of white lights you can walk through, and Submergence, a beautiful room full of dropping coloured lights that change and transform under the music in the room. We spent a long time at all three of these, just taking different pictures, playing around with the lights in Submergence, and watching other people take photographs in Whole Hole. Though we didn't stop to take a photo at them, there's also a beautiful set of lit up wings on the top of the steps by Chavasse Park called Flock, which is a beautiful take on the famous 'For All The Liver Birds' graffiti that's so popular in The Baltic Triangle.


Globoscope/Whole Hole

One of the surprising pieces that we both really enjoyed was Globoscope, set in the beautiful gardens of Liverpool Parish Church. This was filled with white balls of light that lit and dimmed to loud music that was really lovely to watch and though it seemed completely out of place in a church garden, I almost think this added to the experience. We've seen the light bench in Liverpool One a few times before this and it's literally just a lit up bench, we really wanted to stop here and take a picture but there was a queue of people waiting to do just that and so we skipped ahead, similarly Cetus (depicting poetry using light under water, set to music) and Portal (a geometric show projected onto the Albert Dock) were both beautiful pieces, but we seemed to hit them in the middle of a cycle and so head off without seeing the whole of them.

Intrude/The Liver Buildings

A joint favourite, and probably the piece that we spent the most time looking at, was Run Beyond which was set at the centre of the Albert Dock, depicting a man running across the water and ending in a forward roll, each light lit up individually so it looked the figure was running, and then all lit up together to make a beautiful piece in itself. The location of this made it beyond magical, and overall I would definitely recommend this. If I have one piece of criticism, I would say that Submergence is set inside and there seems to be no limit on people in the room, which means that when we went it was very very busy, and very difficult to see the whole piece, though it was nice to see the photographs other people were taking in there.

If you are headed to The Liverpool River Of Light I'd love to see your photos so send them to me on twitter, and if you haven't been yet you still have a few night left as this finishes tomorrow (November 9th 2019) and light installations are available to view between 5pm and 10pm!

Sammy xo.

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