Friday, 29 November 2019

Lush Christmas Gifting Event

[PRESS EVENT] This post is discussing an event I was invited to, and features gifted products, however all views are my own. Please view my disclaimer for more information.

There's a real place in my heart for Lush events, the Halloween launch in Chester Lush was one of the first blogging events I ever remember going to. So, when Katy invited me to go to Liverpool Lush for their Christmas gifting event, I jumped at the chance to be back at some of my favourite events of all time. Luckily this time, because he's currently doing my photography, I could take Josh and so we got to spend a night last week smelling bath bombs, chatting with some old (and new) friends and just generally getting into the Christmas spirit. I have to say it's been a while since I've kept up with Lush releases or even actually been in the new Liverpool Lush store, and so it was definitely nice to see what they're offering for Christmas 2019.

The event started with us getting a rundown of the perfume consultation that Liverpool offer, and though the perfume at Lush really isn't the thing that catches my eye for the most part, it was quite interesting that you can go in and give an essence of the person that you want to buy for via answering some questions and come out with the perfect scent. We got to discuss how the consultations work, how you can go about picking out your own scent, and we got to smell some of the iconic fragrances such as Lord of Misrule, Rose Jam and American Cream. We also got to see the black label range of fragrances that Liverpool Lush offer, and it's definitely something I plan on looking at a little more in the coming months when I get the time to revisit to do so.

The ceiling of the Tales Of Bath treatment room

A really cool part of this event, however, was that we also got to visit the spa as nobody was booked in and so we weren't going to interrupt their treatment. The spa is honestly one of the coolest things that I've seen in a long while; set out like a comfy kitchen, you can sit and have your consultation to make sure that you're getting the best of your treatment and then head into the consultation room itself. We got to go and see the consultation rooms for both The Comforter and Tales of Bath and truly, if I had £115 to spare I'd be booking Tales of Bath just to relax in a room that pretty! I don't, however, though I am considering booking in for The Energiser in the new year, because I can definitely spare £45 to relax and get more motivated. The staff took us through a good few of the treatments, let us smell the spa exclusive products and then sent us on our merry way feeling a lot more relaxed just from being in the space (which is sound proofed so you can't hear the noise from the rest of the store, by the way!)

Finally, we got to see the Christmas floor. That's right, currently the top floor of Lush Liverpool is nothing but Christmas products, and I'm absolutely living for it. Not only are the products all fantastic, but we got to speak through their environmentally friendly changes (including recycling their bottles into their knot wraps, as well as saving on water waste by changing demos to their app and on screens available within the store) and also got to see some knot wrap demonstrations. When we had talked through all of the products, we got to pick some to take home for ourselves and so I picked Snow Fairy bath bomb for Josh's sister, Yog Nog Shower Cream and Snowflake Body Lotion (potentially reviews to come if I like them!) and we had them knot wrapped for us with new personalised tags that you can opt for in the store if you're buying from Liverpool.

All in all the event was great fun and I actually felt like I'd come away knowing much more about Lush, so good work, Katy! Also if you've ever been to the Lush Spa let me know if it's work me dropping that amount of cash on a treatment because I really do want to.

Sammy xo.

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