Thursday, 21 November 2019

Pattersons Baker House Review

When you live in or around Liverpool there are certain places that everyone seems to have been to except you, and you just sort of never get around to changing that. For me and Josh, at least for the past year or so, this seemed to be Pattersons. People continuously told us how good it was, we always said we would try it, but it sort of fell by the wayside and we never actually got around to going. So, when we decided on a whim with Ruby last week that we wanted to go for food and we couldn't decide where we should go? We finally bit the bullet and made our way to Pattersons Baker House. Though Gradwell Street is dubbed their OG, and it's definitely the branch that people always rave about, there's something really charming about the newer addition to the family that just makes it a lovely place to grab a bite with friends.

Walking in this is the perfect mix between a cool restaurant and a dive bar, it's unpretentious and welcoming, with off kilter picture frames, beatles caricatures and friends playing on the TVs dotted around the spacious bar. It's strangely beautiful decorated, with metal tiles making a decorative ceiling and wood panelling all through the area towards the toilet. When you're inside, you could easily forget you're in one of the busiest streets in Liverpool, it's cosy, aesthetically pleasing and it just generally feels like a pleasant place to be. One of the highlights of the restaurant for me is that the drinks menu really feels like one from a takeaway, with Rio, Irn Bru, Tizer and more gracing it's pages. Little touches like this just makes the whole restaurant feel like an upmarket takeaway, and it's charming in it's own little way.

For food we felt a little overwhelmed looking at a menu with so many choices, and so we opted for the Ultimate Sharer (£15.95), containing Chicken Strippers, Mac 'n' Cheese Bites, Cajun Halloumi Fingers, Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings, Coleslaw and Onion Wings. We then asked the guy taking our order what he would recommend and so added 250g of Pattersons Famous Fried Chicken (£5.95) and Piggy Smalls Loaded Curly Fries (£5.45) which were curly fries with cheese, bacon and BBQ pulled pork. We weren't really sure how much food was going to be enough food, so we decided to run with this and then see if we needed to order more afterwards between the three of us, but it turned out to be more than enough to go around.

The food is exactly the type of comfort food that you want it to be, it's tasty, filling and just all round good. The highlights for me were definitely the loaded curly fries and salt and pepper wings, but there was genuinely nothing that I tried that I didn't like. For a restaurant that focuses primarily on their famous fried chicken, it doesn't let down the quality of the rest of the sides; it's all tasty, wholesome and beautifully presented. What I would say, and this is really nobody's fault but our own, is that we really didn't make the most of the menu, but it's honestly just made us want to go back. Every single piece of chicken was as tender and (for want of a better word) moist as the next, every piece of food had a new flavour that the restaurant has perfected, and it comes together to make a really nice meal, for a really affordable price.

Overall, for the food and drinks we got (3 soft drinks) came to £33, and just over a tenner for an entire meal in Liverpool is definitely nothing to turn your nose up at. Throw in friendly staff, the food being genuinely fantastic, great decor and a good choice of drinks? It's easy to see how Pattersons have such a cult following, they've definitely created such a special thing with what they have.

If you've been to Pattersons I'd love to know what you'd recommend for next time!

Sammy xo.

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