Thursday, 12 December 2019

[GIFTED] Christmas Gifting With Sous Chef

[GIFTED] Post contains gifted products from Sous Chef, however all views and opinions are my own.

As some of you may know, there are very few things I enjoy more in the world than food, and so when Sous Chef offered to send me some gifts to review from their Christmas ranges, I was more than happy to comply. There's absolutely nothing better than Christmas food, and there's definitely something that feel forbidden about eating the fancy stuff before Christmas Eve (my mum is cringing thinking about me taking them out the cupboards with little to no regard, I'm sure) and so I'm here to talk you through what I'd recommend from the Sous Chef Gift Collection.

Whilst I really wanted to be selfish when it came to my picks, it really didn't seem fair, and so I did go for a mixture of things that I could share with Josh and his mum. Having said that, my first pick was something that definitely didn't get shared around, and that was Shluckwerder Edel Marzipan with Dark Chocolate (£1.49). I'm well aware that to many people this sounds like actual hell, but to me this was the dream. Was it amazing? Yes. Did I eat the whole bar in one single sitting? Wouldn't like to comment on that one. I will say though it's very rich, so if you can't handle quite as much sickly sweet in one sitting, then maybe opt for just a piece at a time.

I also opted for the Buttermilk Christmas Cracker (£4.89) which had a selection of clotted cream fudge, mince pie flavoured fudge and caramel sea salt. This was a little divisive, the sea salt was far too salty for Josh but I felt like it cut through what could have been something sickly sweet for me, both Josh and his mum liked the Clotted Cream but it just wasn't for me, and it was quickly decided that the Mince Pie fudge actually tasted a lot like birthday cake icing, but I really wasn't mad about it. Both the inside and outside packaging for the fudge was beautiful, and I think it would make a really lovely gift for someone who might typically be a little hard to buy for.

The final products that I opted for were Love Cocoa's Assorted Christmas Collection, and also their Boozy Collection (£9.31 for a box of eight truffles). Though nothing let this parcel down, these were definitely the unanimous hit; with beautiful packaging, beautifully made truffles and just a wow factor that you want when you're buying chocolate as a present. We sampled everything from prossecco truffles, right through to the elephant in the room (photo?) the brussel sprout truffles. Though they might look unappealing, these are actually milk chocolate filled with an orange centre and they were some of our favourites out of both boxes, but if you want to put your kids off eating the last one? The way they look is definitely effective.

All in all, for fancy Christmas food at a price that really isn't going to break the bank as much as you think, Sous Chef could be a fantastic option, just make sure you hide them away so they don't get stuck in the do-not-touch-until-Christmas cupboard! Their express delivery is running right up until December 23rd for Christmas Eve delivery, and so if you're cutting it fine, keep them in mind!

Sammy xo.

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