Monday, 10 August 2020

Buying Glasses Online - An Ace and Tate Review

  I am willing to admit that, despite the fact I've worn my glasses for nearly 26 years of my life? I'm definitely guilty of all manner of glasses sins, and on a daily basis. Lying down and squashing the arm? Guilty. Placing them face down without thinking? Guilty. Sleeping in them at least two days a week? Very, very guilty. To be fair - this has always been an issue. Since I was a teenager I've always been the type of person to have my glasses tightened one week, bend them completely out of shape, only to need it doing again the next week. It's never massively come back to bite me though - or at least it hadn't, until lockdown.

Just before lockdown I realised that my glasses were getting really, really bent out of shape - to the extent that wearing them out looked strange and they were kind of uncomfortable; only, before I could get them sorted, everything closed. I've been wearing glasses since I was a baby and had always opted for a physical brick and mortar optician to get them because I wear an awkward prescription and, like I said, I need them to be tightened more often than the regular person - however, as lockdown went on I started to realise that this definitely wasn't going to be an option any time soon. In a complete fluster, knowing they weren't going to last all of lockdown and I literally cannot see without them, I took to twitter to ask for online glasses companies; only that sent me into a worse fluster. Someone recommended a company, somebody else told me to stay away from them, someone told me I needed my pupillary distance (which isn't on a typically prescription, by the way), and it just seemed like I was going to have to deal with what I had.

That is, until I settled on Ace and Tate. Even with a complex prescription they seemed pretty affordable, I could opt for blue light lenses (which is great for me, because I work a laptop based job at home), they had  frames I liked and - the big one for me - they have a physical store in Liverpool, and so when I inevitably needed them tightened after lockdown, I could just pop over. I have to admit, I was really nervous ordering my new glasses; though £120 is a good price for my prescription, it was only a good price if the glasses were actually a decent choice, and I didn't know anybody personally who had bought from them to check. Still, I was pretty much out of options and so I just bit the bullet and ordered anyway - their online glasses try on made it really easy to check that a frame would suit me, and the only real problem I had was playing around with my favourite colour options. I personally opted for the Wilson frame in the Tigerwood colouring - all glasses are £98 with standard lenses, I also opted to donate goggles to the NHS, and opted for a blue light filter, and paid nearly £120 on the nose.

When ordering, I needed my prescription and that aforementioned, much dreaded, pupillary distance measurement. With absolutely no idea how to find this, I emailed Ace and Tate with a cry for help, and they emailed back within 24 hours to tell me that I could either call the prescription issuer and ask them for this information, which would be kept on their files, or I could use a handy dandy ruler that you printed off, and I could get someone to measure it for me. I tried the first, but my optician is Costco and so it wasn't hugely easy to get through to them at the height of lockdown, and so I opted for the second. I had my parents double and triple check the measurement and then sent it off.

The glasses came in around 5 days, and I have to say; they're genuinely one of my favourite pairs of glasses that I've ever had. I love the shape of them, the blue light filter lenses mean I get less headaches from work, and the pupillary distance seems fine (in that, I don't notice that they're a different prescription in any way to my previous pair). The one noticeable thing is that they have a slight tint for the blue light filter, however I don't notice this unless I'm swapping from my old pair to these, and though sometimes when I look in the mirror this feels really obvious, I've seen them in photographs and I really don't think you can notice (plus, I'd take slightly tinted glasses in places of regular headaches). I've now been wearing them for around 3 months, and they truly are the the best, low end pair of glasses that I've ever bought.

All in all, it seems like you shouldn't have gone to Specsavers all that time; it should have been Ace and Tate all along. You'll also be thrilled to know, I've stopped sleeping in my new pair.

If you've tried other well priced, online glasses retailers, I'd love to know how it went!

Sammy xo.


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  2. Blue light can make it difficult to focus on the screen, making your eyes strain to concentrate. Blue light glasses help increase contrast on your screen.

  3. Liked this! I'll be heading to an optical shop one of these days, Hoping to buy something like this.