Sunday, 16 August 2020

Death By Chocolate - Dyll's Bakery

 Living near Liverpool is both a blessing and a curse. Amazing restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops? Right on the doorstep. Too lazy to go to town? Greggs, or a trip to the other side of the Wirral it is then! So, when somewhere fantastic opens up within walking distance? I'm always excited to try it out. Dyll's Bakery was no exception - and with a menu that lasts until 4pm or until sell out both Friday and Saturday each week, with a prime location outside of Prenton Park? Definitely count me in. Now, before we go on, I feel this post needs a disclaimer; we were excited about cake, and I make the mistake of sending my hungry boyfriend to pick the goods when I was in work, and so we might have ended up going a little bit overboard.

The bakery offers savoury options, such as pies and sausage rolls, but we were really in for the sweet goods - and with the menu changing every week and me not going to get them, I really was in for a sweet surprise here. Josh really did pick a good selection, and so we went with a Nutella and Kinder Blondie, Homemade Milk Chocolate Caramel Shortbread, a Caramac, White Chocolate and Malted Milk Brownie, a Crispy M&M brownie, a Nutella Blonde Brownie and a White Chocolate and Oreo Brownie The whole order came to just over £21 and made a fantastic feast over a few days for me, Josh and his parents.

I will say, you really can't argue on the price here; the portions are huge and easily could serve two people, with it maybe being a little rich for just one person depending on what you pick. The blondies and brownies have a fudgey inside, almost closer to cookie dough in texture that brownie batter, and they're sweet, creamy and very, very moreish. They really do have that distinct 'homebaked' feel about them, they're rustic to look at, they take risks with the ingredients, and I can easily see why they're quickly dominating the Instagram stories of the people that live in the area around them. They also still are offering delivery for as far as I can see within the local area, which you can see the menus for weekly on their Instagram.

The breakout winner for me here was the Caramac, White Chocolate and Malted Milk Brownie. Sickly? Yes. Incredible? Yes. The one most people asked about when I shared the photographs? By far. The idea of cakes changing every week means it has even those of us who stocked up on six the week before wanting to queue to try something new, and it means that every single week I'm excited to see what might be on offer. I can only imagine that when match days can resume with crowds, a bakery that's already selling out before it's closing time will quickly become a staple for a lot of people on a Saturday, and the taste of their goods easily match the reputation that they're quickly getting around town.

If you're in Liverpool and willing to risk a 15 minute bus ride in order to try some of the best cake that I think I've genuinely ever had in Merseyside? Dyll's is definitely up there as a recommendation from me, and now I'm just waiting for Friday to roll around so I can try and convince Josh to grab (maybe a normal amount...) of their savouries.

If you go and try Dyll's please do let us know what you had!

Sammy xo.


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