Saturday, 22 August 2020

Yard and Coop Liverpool

There are very few restaurants I'll go back to multiple times in Liverpool; not because they're bad because nearly every one is amazing, but because there seems to be an ever-expanding catalogue of places to choose and I just really want to try them all. Having said that, out of everywhere I've been around town, there's one old faithful I will always pick, always recommend, and always suggest to my friends; Yard and Coop. They've been a venue for an event I've held in the past and were absolute brilliant and that, combined with old school dance and arcade machines, and incredible playlist and some of the best chicken that Liverpool has to offer has definitely cemented them as a firm favourite for me.

The premise in itself is basic, you pick drumsticks, thighs, breast or not chicken nuggets (which is cubed halloumi, deep fried, and honestly might be one of the best things on the menu), pick a sauce (the two top ones were unanimously voted to be Ranch and the Dr Pepper BBQ) and then some sort of fries (the salt and pepper were the all round favourite here, though I do want to give a shout out to the loaded tatties, which are basically tater tots covered in a mix of sauces that tastes alarmingly like Big Mac sauce). Want something less simple? They have an all week round Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, and burgers that you'll definitely need to pick apart and cut up to get your mouth around, with everything from chip shop curry sauce to tinier burgers on them.

What could so easily feel like a boring, repetitive menu is truly anything but; the chicken breast is buttermilk battered and so juicy inside, the salt and pepper chips come with crispy seaweed; literally everything that I have ever tried has been executed perfectly, and it isn't hard to see why I'm yet to meet a scouser who doesn't love this place. Drinks prices are a standard pub pricing and they offer beers, cocktails, ciders, spirits and wines but, if you want just one pro tip for this place? Skip the alcohol and get the cherryade. This has long been a favourite of mine, and if I could buy this bottled I absolutely would - you really won't understand the hype around this until you try it, but trust me.

Safety measures here are the best of most of the restaurants I've been back to since everything reopened; they're only taking bookings, you're socially distanced really well and staff are literally only coming to the table to drop food and drinks off as you order and pay through their website. The system, in my opinion, really works; and it's great if maybe only one person wants something extra as it's so easy to just order it on your own phone without the pressure of calling a member of staff over to order just one drink whilst everyone else is pretty much done.

TL;DR? Yard and Coop has social distanced, good food down to a tee, and I couldn't recommend it more. Plus, if you don't work weekends, they're starting a bottomless brunch this weekend with chicken and waffles, pancakes, mimosas and more. Trust me, if you're there the weekend I'm off in a few weeks, you're going to find me in there chowing down on chicken and drinking as many mimosas as I can whilst still being able to justify it to myself. If you haven't been to Yard and Coop yet, you need to go and see why it's fast becoming my friendship group's favourite place to eat in Liverpool; you won't regret it.

Have you been to Yard and Coop? Tell me what I should try next time, I'm definitely eyeing up the Katsu!

Sammy xo.


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