Tuesday, 3 November 2020

[GIFTED] Getting Cosy This Autumn With Desenio

[GIFTED] I was gifted credit to purchase prints from Desenio, all thoughts and review points are my own. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

So, I think it's fair to say that so far for most of us 2020 really hasn't gone as planned. For me, this meant that me and Josh still quite aren't in our own house, much to our frustration on a daily basis, but that hasn't stopped us collecting as much stuff as possible for a day in the (hopefully not too distant future at all) when this finally happens. With that in mind, I was really excited to work with Desenio, who provide beautiful art prints in a wide range of different styles, which is lucky if - like us - your tastes may sometimes feel a little... different.

One of the huge benefits of using Desenio to help plan a whole space is that they have a really incredible Gallery Wall Tool, which allows you to select the layout that you like and then pick the prints that you want that fit within that configuration. If you're buying for a specific space this is great, but also it's great if you're buying for a future house like I am, as it means you're never going to get into a house with the perfect gallery wall planned only to find out that it doesn't quite fit together. You can also add to your basket straight from the tool, which makes it easier than ever to make sure you're choosing the options that are best for your ideas of the perfect gallery wall.

As I mentioned a little earlier, our tastes as individuals definitely vary, so we put together our gallery wall as a mix of all of those tastes. A little strange? Definitely, but it's also very us - and there's so much to choose from on the Desenio website that it's hard to imagine there's anyone out that that couldn't create something similarly suitable to their tastes. We got a fair few prints and so, as much as I would love to, I just really can't show every one here (though look out for the completed gallery wall when we finally do move into our own space) but I will talk you through a few of my favourites, and I will also preface this by saying they're all really crisp, clean images of great quality.

We picked one really big print that will create the centre of that eventual gallery wall that I keep talking about, and that's the Space is the Place print, which is 50x70cm and £23.95. We wanted something bright and colourful, but that still fits with our gothic hearts and so this mix of deep blue space was a beautiful addition, it's a nice, clean, basic print which was exactly what we wanted for the middle piece. We picked a few ones to show our own passions, too, and so I opted for the Moomin Characters No.1 Poster which was a real throwback to my childhood (21x30cm, £8.95), and Josh picked the Neon Camera Poster (30x40cm, £12.95) to show his love of photography. 

Vinyls our own!

Another favourite that we picked together, and actually perhaps one of my favourites altogether now we have them here in our physical presence, is the Shapes and Sizes poster (21x30cm, £8.95) which is just different little doodles of various boobs, it makes me smile to look at and genuinely is just a really cut print. Finally, there's a notable shout out to the Palmistry Poster (21x30cm, £14.95) which we actually bought on a whim when we thought we didn't have enough contrast between our prints, but this came with a beautiful gold palmistry hand on a deep forest green and is just definitely a gorgeous prints, especially with how popular that same green is at the moment on instagram in home decor.

All in all I'll say that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and the price for Desenio art prints, and so if you're in the market, take a peek and let me know what you choose!

Sammy xo.

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